The season of Fall is fast upon us, of course this seasonal change we have long enjoyed as a time of harvest, and the storing of that harvest to feed us, and carry us through the Winter Months.


The brilliant colors of the Fall foliage, caused by the dying cell structures of the tree leaves, indicating the termination of its life cycle of creating, and purifying the air which sustains life, and change to a new purpose of generating life, by providing the nutrients upon which new growth will feed upon, come the Vernal Equinox angle of the Sun and season of Spring. Thus reminding us, as we commence upon the Samhain quarter, of the Earths orbital circuit around the Sun, of the need to replant the seeds now, for the next generation of growth.


Sustaining regeneration and growth is the basic “Vision Statement” of this Committee. This Committee is quickly developing the tools to aid in Chapter regeneration. We’ve recently distributed to the Grand Superintendents, at the occasion of the Interim meeting of the Grand Chapter Executive Committees, a copy of the “Fervency and Zeal” skit in booklet format, for ease of use. This file will be distributed to all Scribe Ezra’s in our jurisdiction, and can be sent to anyone who might inquire, of this Committee. Another project we are currently working on, is a “New Member Guide”. To be provided to each Companion, having attained the Supreme degree of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem. The guide will be concise and will provide a new Companion with a wealth of Chapter information, enabling him to quickly learn and reference what may have taken years of attending regular convocations in the past. Enabling him to return the following convocation of his Chapter, a fully informed Companion, who is enthusiastic to participate, and in turn make a contribution immediately, with confidence.


Another initiative we are promoting is “Chapter Representative” in each Lodge.


A Chapters membership is often compiled of Masons who are members representing 3, or often many more Lodges. The Chapters must select those from their members to represent the Chapter in Lodge. Each representative should ask the Lodge Secretary to list this Companions name & contact info, in the Lodge Summons. These Companions aught attend all Lodge meetings in their Masonic District, to announce the activities of the local Chapter, their Bursary and Charitable works to the Brethren, and certainly, congratulate those New Companions amongst the members of that particular Lodge. Every Blue Lodge Mason should know that the Local Chapter of Royal Arch Masons have in SAFE keeping, “The Long Lost Masonic Word”, to share with those having attained the SUPREME Degree, of The Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem. Which you Companion now know, IS the “KEYSTONE” of the entire Masonic structure, it is however alluded to each newly made “Entered Apprentice Mason” during the Junior Wardens Lecture, although of all the Masonic signs and emblems which are communicated to us, only ONE is an EMBLEM FULL OF HOPE! The SAME emblem adorns a Companions Apron and Sash! Coincidence?


This Committee has a supply of all Pamphlet material, Fervency and Zeal DVD’s, The “SKIT” in “File” and “Booklet” formats, Copestone/Maple leaf lapel pins, and Copestone Windscreen Emblems. We are working on the following for Grand Chapter, so do NOT forget your cheque books! IE; Keystone Ball Caps, Golf Shirts, White dress glove, and silk ties W/Keystone Emblem. Keep an Eye out for us in the “Ontario Mason” magazine!


Latest News:

  • I would like to thank R.Ex.Comp. Robert James for hosting the Grand Executive Committee meeting at the Etobicoke Masonic Hall. He provided a tasty lunch of soup and sandwiches and the surplus of the proceeds are being donated to a charity of his choice.   R.Ex.Comp. George Napper, President Grand Executive Committee   Fraternally, George Napper 
  • The 159th Grand Chapter Convocation will be held at the Holiday Inn and Suites, St Catharines, 327 Ontario Street, Ontario L2R 5L3 from April 5 - 8, 2017.

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