The 156th Convocation of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario is fast approaching. I encourage all to purchase their tickets for the various events quickly to avoid the disappointment of not obtaining the same.


This year a different approach is being taken in that I will be hosting a seminar for all Scribe Ezra’s on Thursday, April 10th starting at 10:30am. We will review the Scribe Ezra’s manual and a new manual will be provided to all Scribe Ezra’s in attendance.


The Grand Executive Meeting will take place on Thursday afternoon at 2:00pm and both of these events will take place in the Altadore Room on the lower level of the hotel.


The Grand Superintendents and their Secretaries meeting will take place on the Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm and this will also be held in the Altadore Room.


The Convocation will place on Friday the 11th and 12th of April in the Vansittart Room as usual.


You can obtain all the necessary details from your Scribe Ezra or Grand Superintendent as copies of the summons have been sent to them from the office.


The Grand Council looks forward to meeting and greeting all Companions as we all celebrate our success over the past year.




M. Ex. Comp. Richard Jackson
Grand Scribe Ezra

Latest News:

  • The Dedication and Amalgamation of Signet Chapter No. 34 and Tecumseh Chapter No. 264 will take place in Cookstown, Ontario at 7 PM.  All current Grand Chapter officers should attend to assist in the ceremony.  All other Companions are most welcome to attend
  •   Details for the Grand 156th Chapter Convocation now posted The details for the Grand Convocation to be held in Woodstock, Ontario from April 9 - 12, 2014 are now available.   Please click on the links under the Calendar to access details, including hotel booking forms and ticket form for events.  

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