The mandate of the Bursary Committee, as per the Constitution, is to promote and encourage contributions to the FUND placed at the disposal of the Committee.


At present the Applications for Bursary assistance seem to be less than in previous years. It should be noted that any Student, related to a present or past Member of the Royal Arch Chapter, in Ontario, is eligible for assistance and should be encouraged to submit an application. As our Membership ages we see a greater participation of Grand Children.


The major link between the Bursary Committee and the individual Chapters are our District Grand Superintendants. At our past Grand Convocation the Grand Superintendants were requested to promote the Program when-ever possible. The Grand Superintendants are involved at every step in the process and in fact have the pleasure of personally presenting the Bursary to the Student. We need to see more pictures etc on District websites. The Bursary Committee would like to thank all the Grand Superintendants for their ongoing support and I must repeat, it is vitally important to ensure the applications are completely and accurately filled out, to enable prompt review and processing by the Committee.


Your financial support is of great importance to ensure the increasing activities of this program, and should be given serious consideration. Many Chapters hold 50 /50 type draws or “in Chapter “raffles or mini-draws to generate funds for the Student Bursary program. One suggestion would be to canvas previous Bursary recipients as to their consideration of a donation to the fund in appreciation of assistance received when they were in need.


In an effort to keep costs to a minimum, we are almost totally using electronic communication to review and complete the Bursary process. All communication to the Committee should be undertaken through the Grand Chapter Office or directly to the Committee Chairman.


Companions, we can take great pride and satisfaction that we, as Student Sponsors assist present Students to defray some of the expenses involved in higher education.


R. Ex. Companion H. Daniel Knox

Chairman of Bursary Committee

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