The Annual Convocation is history, Chapter Installations are happening, as are Official Visits by the newly Installed Grand Superintendents. All signs of a new beginning. But summer is here, and we have a break, a well-deserved break especially after the brutal winter that we all experienced. Use some of the time off to think of new exciting ideas and suggestions about improving membership issues. Have a great summer and I hope to see some of you (If not all) in September. 


R. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan.
Grand SecondPrincipal


Latest News:

  • A Royal Arch Degree will be conferred with assistance from Kitchener Chapter No. 117, on Monday, Sept. 22.  R. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan will be in attendance. This is the first Royal Arch degree in years at Manitou Chapter. All Royal Arch Companions are welcome.  
  • The next Grand Executive meeting is scheduled to be held in North Bay at the Clarion Hotel on Saturday the 18th of October, 2014, starting at 9:00 am. Details are under the Members section - you will need to log in to see details.

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