Greetings Companions;

I hope we have all taken the opportunity to wear our “Remembrance Day Poppies” through these first eleven Days of this Month of November, to honor those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in military service, for the freedom we today take for granted all too often. However the recent events we have witnessed in wake of the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the attack and death of the service personnel in Quebec,

And, the recent identification of eight Canadian WWI soldiers, who perished in the battle of, Amiens France in August 1918. We have gained a deeper understanding of those sacrifices endured by Canada’s Women and Men of service, which has enhanced our patriotic nature. We must never forget!

We also reflect on our own destiny, with the desire to enhance our daily existence, to endure comfortably.

As Royal Arch Masons, we enjoy the enhanced strength the Holy Royal Arch, has given the structure of our Masonic being, deeper understanding of our own nature, deeper faith in the Most High and a broader understanding of Human Nature, its quirks and quarks, along with the knowledge of His desire that, we strive for harmonic balance through, His guiding light.

Yes I have the motivational words of our Grand First Principal , which last adorned this space, right beside me to reflect upon. If you missed them, please contact Paraag or myself for the article, it was excellent, I’m inspired!


And such is the mission of this Committee, to instill Fervency and Zeal into the spirit of every Chapter member, and promote Royal Arch Masonry through various means, publications, videos, programs and their distribution. This Committee has been extensively researching material, to enhance the tools presently available, and to develop new programs to support, inform and reinvigorate our Chapter Members.

Membership and its retention has become our primary focus, along with enhancing the value therein. Thus to best facilitate this, we propose each Chapter appoint a Public Relations Committee, or at least a Public Relations liaison to communicate directly to the individual Chapters. To more efficiently support the needs your Chapter, and allow us to tailor to your requirements. Initially we are looking at various articles our Companions can share with their Masonic Brothers to inform them of our Royal Craft, secondly we are considering various programs being utilized in our sister jurisdictions, and by our own Grand Lodge. By making our convocations interesting we can certainly hope to increase attendance and address retention. The development of a competition style program to be introduced to the Districts, where the Chapter of each District accumulating the most points will be awarded at Grand Chapter, is another of our goals. We are certainly open to any recommendations you may have in this regard.

Through deeper understanding our past shortcomings, we hope to enhance the prospects of a future success,

Together we can meet the aspirations of our Grand Council, a worthy effort!

Lastly, Please contact me with your requirements; brochures, pamphlets, Fervency and Zeal DVD’s, Fervency and Zeal (Printed Skit), Maple Leaf / Copestone lapel pins. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sincerely and Fraternally

Your Public Relations Committee;

R. Ex. Comps. Brian Aikins, Ken Collard, Clive Stephenson, Dushan Surovy, Desmond Washer, V. Ex. Comps. Edward Denbeigh, Robert Milliken, Joseph Rankin and myself,
R. Ex. Comp Craig Terreberry


Latest News:

  • Nominations for Grand Chapter Office close on November 30, 2014.   Please get your nominations in as soon as possible.   NOTE As per article 18 of the constitution, nominations must be received by REGISTERED MAIL  or HAND DELIVERY only.
  • Spring Grand Executive Meeting Thursday April 16 2015. It will commence at 1:00 pm at the Quality Hotel and Suites Convocation Centre, 580 Bruin Blvd. Woodstock Ontario.

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