Summer is almost over and the Chapters are reopening for the new season. I hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable summer.

The challenge for Royal Arch Masons this year and into the future is to increase our membership. This can be achieved in two ways, by retaining existing members and by recruiting new members.

Reports from the Grand Superintendents show that we are losing as many members to demits and suspensions as are being called to the Grand Chapter Above.

Why are these masons, who have already joined a Chapter, leaving? Are they being ignored and not made to feel welcome and involved in the activities of the Chapter? Conversely are they being forced into taking on duties and responsibilities in the Chapter that they neither have the time nor interest in? Do they feel that the Chapter doesn’t have activities that their families can participate in?

Take a look in your Chapter and determine why members are leaving and make changes to try and retain them.

Getting new members may be as simple making masons aware that the Chapter exists and what are its aims.


  • Attend your lodge and speak to masons in the social hour about Royal Arch Masonry.
  • Organize a degree team of Chapter members to confer a degree in Lodges in your district.
  • Host a Master Masons Night and invite non chapter masons from your district to attend to find out about the Royal Arch.
  • Offer to participate with lodges in your district on some of their social activities.
  • Lastly recruit non members to Craft Masonry because that is where all our members originate.

I don’t claim that these are all the methods to recruit Royal Arch Masons but hope that they will stimulate your thinking.


I challenge all Chapters in Ontario to increase their net membership by 10% over the next two years.


R. Ex. Comp. George Napper.
Grand Third Principal


Latest News:

  • A Royal Arch Degree will be conferred with assistance from Kitchener Chapter No. 117, on Monday, Sept. 22.  R. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan will be in attendance. This is the first Royal Arch degree in years at Manitou Chapter. All Royal Arch Companions are welcome.  
  • The next Grand Executive meeting is scheduled to be held in North Bay at the Clarion Hotel on Saturday the 18th of October, 2014, starting at 9:00 am. Details are under the Members section - you will need to log in to see details.

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