My Companions:

We return to our individual Chapters with refreshed motivation, a longing for all The Holy Royal Arch has to offer. Companionship, a rebirth of the salient traits of the Spiritual foundation upon which we as members of this ancient and honourable degree have taken upon ourselves.

We are building a Spiritual edifice and the Recovery of Light and Truth. We must lay aside vice, ignorance, personal piques to build upon that Foundation ever Royal Arch Mason professes.

It is your Duty to shed Light and Knowledge to ALL uninformed Masons. The Grand Third Principal has challenged the membership to increase by 10% over two years our ranks. It should be a simple task for a Quarry worker!!!

We are the Keystone of The Masonic Structure as such bear a heavy burden not only to support Capitular Masonry as well as the Craft in general, but must, as such go forth with fervency and zeal so others can learn the true word of a Master Mason, how to receive wages and become a member of the Oldest Rite in Freemasonry. Our Ancient and Honorable Institution is relying on you as never before.

May the Most High be with you and Guide you.


Brian D. VanSickle
Grand First Principal


Latest News:

  • A Royal Arch Degree will be conferred with assistance from Kitchener Chapter No. 117, on Monday, Sept. 22.  R. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan will be in attendance. This is the first Royal Arch degree in years at Manitou Chapter. All Royal Arch Companions are welcome.  
  • The next Grand Executive meeting is scheduled to be held in North Bay at the Clarion Hotel on Saturday the 18th of October, 2014, starting at 9:00 am. Details are under the Members section - you will need to log in to see details.

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