2016 Grand Council 

From left to right are: R.Ex.Comp. George Napper - Grand Second Principal; M.Ex.Comp. Alan Donovan - Grand First Principal; and R.Ex.Comp. Paraag Suchak - Grand Third Principal.




Grand Second Principal
R. Ex. Comp. George Alan Napper

Grand First Principal
M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan

Grand Third Principal
R. Ex. Comp. Paraag Suchak



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Grand Superintendent
District 1 


 R. Ex. Comp.
Keith Charles Tyler


Grand Superintendent
District 2 


R. Ex. Comp.
Roderick (Rod) Raymond Smith


 Grand Superintendent
District 3


 R. Ex. Comp.
Warren Young


 Grand Superintendent
District 4


 R. Ex. Comp.
Arthur Harvey


 Grand Superintendent
District 5


 R. Ex. Comp.
Brampston Gushway


 Grand Superintendent
District 6


 R. Ex. Comp.
Nigel Spink


 Grand Superintendent
District 7


R. Ex. Comp.
Raivo Tahiste


Grand Superintendent
District 8


R. Ex. Comp.
Robert C James


Grand Superintendent
District 9 


R. Ex. Comp.
Warren Spence


Grand Superintendent
District 10 


R. Ex. Comp.
Peter Rhodes


 Grand Superintendent
District 11


R. Ex. Comp.
Wayne Burrows


Grand Superintendent
District 12 


R. Ex. Comp.
Ronald Shannon


 Grand Superintendent
District 13


R. Ex. Comp.
Chris Wanna


Grand Superintendent
District 14 


R. Ex. Comp.
Joseph Pearson Rankin


Grand Superintendent
District 15 


R. Ex. Comp.
Peter Hall




Grand Chaplain

R.Ex.Comp. Neil Follett

Acting Grand Treasurer

R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Manning

Grand Scribe Ezra

M.Ex.Comp. Richard James Jackson

Grand Scribe Ezra Emeritus

R.Ex.Comp. Melvyn James Duke

Grand Scribe Nehemiah

R.Ex.Comp. Gerald James Newall

Grand Principal Sojourner

R.Ex.Comp. Ronald Thomas Stinson

Grand Registrar

R.Ex.Comp. Edward Denbeigh


Grand Executive Committee

Honourary - 1 Years

R. Ex. Comp. David Edward Jacklin


Elected 2016

R. Ex. Comp. Howard Adams

R. Ex. Comp. Harry Daniel Knox

R. Ex. Comp. Dario Mancuso

R. Ex. Comp. Ryan Clark Huntley

R. Ex. Comp. Tim Corrin


Elected 2015

R. Ex. Comp. George Brent Fairbairn

R. Ex. Comp. Thomas Albert Mortlock

R. Ex. Comp. Dushan Surovy

R. Ex. Comp. J R Douglas Wilson

R. Ex. Comp. Sean Thomas Fuller


Appointed 2015

R. Ex. Comp. Jeffrey Baker


Assistant Officers Appointed

Assistant Grand Chaplain

R.Ex.Comp. Richard Hryniw

Assistant Grand Chaplain

V.Ex.Comp. David Lingley

Grand Lecturer

R. Ex. Comp. Michael John Russell Millard

Grand Senior Sojourner

V. Ex.Comp. John Phair

Grand Junior Sojourner

V.Ex.Comp. Gareth Taylor

Grand Sword Bearer

V.Ex.Comp. Richard Tschudi

Grand Master of the 4th Veil

V.Ex.Comp. Walter Drane

Grand Master of the 3rd Veil

V.Ex.Comp. Kamal Mishaiel

Grand Master of the 2nd Veil

V.Ex.Comp. Fred Kilian

Grand Master of the 1st Veil

V.Ex.Comp. Harvey Williams

Grand Standard Bearer

V.Ex.Comp. Norman Mathie

Grand Director of Ceremonies

R.Ex.Comp. Roy Gomes

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

V.Ex.Comp. George McCowan

Grand Organist

V. Ex. Comp. George Knapp

Grand Pursuivant

V.Ex.Comp. Ivan Smith

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. James Frederick Creasey

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Ronald Phillips

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Walter Alexander Trafford

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Robert William Melvin Blundell

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Ken Halbert

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Robert Telford

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. John Francis Thynne Whetham

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Gordon Stuart McHallam

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. William Lewis

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Graham Oldford

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Peter George Rourke

Grand Steward

V.Ex.Comp. Terry Donald Kluke

Grand Outer Guard

V.Ex.Comp. Mark Wayne Kapitan

Grand Historian

V. Ex. Comp. John Charles Shaeffer

Grand Archivist

V. Ex. Comp. John Fulton Sutherland

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