The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario maintains three investment accounts:


  1. The General Account
  2. The Scholarship and Bursary Fund Account
  3. The Medical Research Fund Account


The mandate of the Investment Committee is to oversee and monitor the management of these accounts by our Investment Advisor, which is currently RBC Dominion Securities. The committee ensures that the management of these accounts is in accordance with the Investment Policy approved by the Grand Executive Committee of The Grand Chapter.

The investment policy governing these accounts provides that all of the accounts must have no more than 35% of their assets invested in equity investments. This policy has served The Grand Chapter well, allowing these accounts to take advantage of positive markets, while protecting the assets when markets have been negative.

The Investment Committee meets on a regular basis with the Investment Advisor, and reports to the Grand Executive Committee on the status of the three investment accounts. Complete reports on all three investment accounts and on the activities of Investment Committee are available in the Proceedings of the Annual Convocation of The Grand Chapter.


Latest News

  • The 159th Grand Chapter Convocation will be held at the Holiday Inn and Suites, St Catharines, 327 Ontario Street, Ontario L2R 5L3 from April 5 - 8, 2017.
  • The “Fervency and Zeal” video can be viewed on YouTube at “Royal Arch Masons of Canada in The Province of Ontario”. It can be used to promote Capitular Masonry.

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