The purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to promote Royal Arch Masonry within the community. To achieve this we work with the Grand Superintendents of the different districts to support their individual plans. We sell pins which can be worn by members of the chapters showing that they are Royal Arch Masons. We provide the printed material, which should be found in every Masonic building, telling the story of Royal Arch Masonry and of our Medical Research Fund. We have a portable display which can be taken to events such as the Grand Lodge Assembly in July and district or chapter Open Houses or Master Mason Nights. We can also, when requested, provide members to speak about Royal Arch Masonry.


The Public Relations committee can also provide material that can be modified to suit your needs to enable your Chapter hold a Master Mason Night.

Latest News

  • The 159th Grand Chapter Convocation will be held at the Holiday Inn and Suites, St Catharines, 327 Ontario Street, Ontario L2R 5L3 from April 5 - 8, 2017.
  • The “Fervency and Zeal” video can be viewed on YouTube at “Royal Arch Masons of Canada in The Province of Ontario”. It can be used to promote Capitular Masonry.

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