Grand Superintendent R.Ex.Comp Wilbert Paul
Secretary to the Grand Superintendent R.Ex.Comp Cec Goold
Ritual and Protocol  R.Ex.Comp. Ron Shannon
Masonic Education and Membership R.Ex.Comp. Ken Almey
Benevolence V.Ex.Comp Todd Ferguson 
District Chaplain V.Ex.Comp Herb Sainthill
District Historian Comp Randy Orr
Release A Miracle - Fundraising Ex.Comp Douglas Miller
Bursary Ex.Comp Lorne MacDonald
Computer Resource V.Ex.Comp Gord Echlin
Regalia Coordinator Comp Graham Jamieson

Grand Chapter Officers from District No.12

M.Ex.Comp. Brian D VanSickle

Im. Past Grand First Principal 

R.Ex.Comp. Ed Denbeigh

Grand Registrar

V.Ex.Comp. Todd Ferguson

Grand Steward 







Grand Chapter Committee Members from District No.12

Ex.Comp. Corey Snow


Ad hoc Committee for District  realignment

Grand Representatives from District No.12

R.Ex.Comp. Brian D Vansickle

Grand Chapter of Quebec

R.Ex.Comp. Dieter Jeschor

Grand Chapter of France

V.Ex.Comp. Edward R Poole

Grand Chapter of Nebraska


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