Grand Superintendent

R. Ex. Comp. Brampston Gushway

2484 Logan Ave
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 6S1
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Secretary to Grand Superintendent

Ex. Comp. Ken Harrower

1400 Cedarglen Crt.
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 2X8
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District Committees for 2015

District Chairman of Benevolence
Ex. Comp. Gursharan S. Parmar
5720 Turney Drive
Mississauga. Ontario L5M 2R3


District Chairman of Bursary
Ex. Comp. Elito S. Lim
361 Nahani Way
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3B1


District Chairman of Public Relations
Ex. Comp. Bryce Graham
6581 Snow Goose Lanes
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 5H6


District Chairman of Education
Ex. Comp. George M. Warner
4010 Chadburn Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5L 3X2


District Chairman of Assistance to Chapters
Ex. Comp. John Dorris
159 Wakefield Road
Milton, Ontario L6T 2L7


District Regalia Chairman
R. Ex. Comp. Jeffrey Baker
11 Chatsworth Crescent
Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H5


District Chaplain
V. Ex. Comp. John Hough
1419 Costigan Road
Milton, Ontario L9T 2L4


District Web Master
Ex. Comp. Ken Harrower
1400 Cedarglen Crt., Oakville, ON L6m 2X8


District Chairman for Medical Research
Ex. Comp. Craig Pye
5393 Spruce Ave
Burlington, Ontario L7L 1N8



Ex. Comp. Gary Sutherland

R Ex. Comp. W. Donald Laycock




Past Grand Superintendents


2003 - 2004 R. Ex. Comp. Brett D. Kahler
2004 - 2005 R. Ex. Comp. William Rowney
2005 - 2006 R. Ex. Comp. Leroy Norton
2006 - 2007 R. Ex. Comp. Donald R. J. Clyde
2007 - 2008 R. Ex. Comp. Ratko Ardalic
2008 - 2009 R. Ex. Comp. Stewart G. Brass
2009 - 2010 R. Ex. Comp. Donald G. Clarke
2010 - 2011 R. Ex. Comp. James Leutri
2011 - 2012 R. Ex. Comp. Jeffrey Baker
2012 - 2013 R. Ex. Comp. Andres Penaflor
2013 - 2014 R. Ex. Comp. Jason E. M. Medland
2014 - 2015 R. Ex. Comp. Ken B. Singh
2015 - 2016 R. Ex. Comp. Mark Cannon








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