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Recent blog posts

My Companions. I had earlier made Blog posts, and comments about maybe trying to establish a Chapter in the Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton area.


Much to my surpirse I found out today that there actually is a Chapter in Orangeville. It seems my research was incomplete. I certainly would not wish to pursue establishing a second one where one already exists. So this was a surprise, but a pleaseant one.


That said, if any of you know of a place where there is a need for a Chapter, (which would not compete with existing Chapters), please let me know.

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Companions there will be an Annual District 9 Meeting on 5 March 2017 at All Saints Anglican Church in MacTier, ON, following the District 9 Devine Service & light lunch. The meeting is open, but only Companions may vote.

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Companions there will be an Annual District 9 Devine Service (Church Service) at All Saints Anglican Chuch in MacTier, ON, at 11:15 am on 5 March 2017. Families, guests, Freemasons, media and public are welcome. A light lunch will follow, which will be followed by the District 9 business meeting (non-Companions may also attend but cannot vote). Prior media or individual inquires are welcome.

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Brethren & Companions, here are the details for Kichikewana Chapter's Annual BBQ. It is
held at David Walkers home on the North East corner of Elliott Side Sd.
& Old Fort Rd.  1st driveway on Elliott Sd Rd East of Old Fort Rd.  Time
is 3pm till 7pm.  Cost is $20.00. Steak dinner.  You cook your own
steaks.  Date is Thurs. Aug. 11th 2016.  All Grand Chapter Officers have
been invited. Bring a lawn chair if you wish, however we do have a number of Picnic tables there. Companions if possible please bring a Mason with you!

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My Companions the meetings were a success, and much was accomplished, though attendance was very light and regrets were few in number. We did however eat well! The Phoenix Chapter Emergent meeting which followed the repast was equally successful.
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Posted by on in District 9 Superintendent Blog

Growth Plan. This proposed Growth Plan blog post is 'for disucssion' and should be read in the context of my other Blog posts, as well as a prelude to the District 9 Chapter of Instruction and District 9 Meeting, which both occur on 11 June in Cookstown at 10 am at the Manitioba Lodge building, 4 Queen St.


Let us with flexibility of mind, and on an annual basis, very proactively examine areas in and around District 9 which may seem to be lacking in Royal Arch Chapter coverage, including speaking with Lodges, with a view to perhaps facilitating well thought out petitions for the creation of new Chapters. Ideally every petition would have the clear sponsorship of the Lodge in which it would meet (and perhaps sharing the same name), and without significantly pulling membership away from existing Chapters in this or other Districts.


Such petitions should include with them a proposed annual operating budget, proposed Chapter name, and a proposed slate of Officers, and a proposed by-laws. (I can supply a draft set of bylaws if you need one, and likely a generic draft budget as well that you can then amend as needed rather than starting from scratch.) Chapter numbers are assigned by Grand Chapter, though requests may be entertained as part of any petition.


My initial study of this seems to indicate a potential need for one or more new Chapter somewhere in the Shelburne, Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton area(s), but I am open to all areas.


I would do what I can to help the petition process. Your questions and suggestions (by e-mail) would be most welcome.


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Should I join the Scottish Rite or the York Rite? That is a question some Masons ask. It can be confusing for those new to the fraternity. First of all, there is no requirement to join either. In Lodge once you have become a Master Mason, you do not have to join any other bodies. That said, if you wish to join another body I would hope that you would seriously consider joining a Royal Arch Chapter. The Royal Arch degree, in my opnion offers something that you will not find in the Scottish Rite. The Royal Arch degree has been in Ontario far longer than the Scottish Rite degrees, and if one looks at the history of Freemasonry in the UK and in North America, one might see that the Royal Arch degree has been around far longer and worked much more extensively over time that the Scottish Rite degrees.


The Chapter when open as a Lodge or a Chapter, functions much like a Masonic Lodge, and the candidate will be familair with the process. :) Indeed, every Chapter must meet in a Masonic Lodge room! (It is also no accident that Grand Chapter has its Offices in the Grand Lodge building, and the crests of the two organizations just might bear a certain similarity.) Fees and dues are similair to those of a Masonic Lodge, though a different apon tends to be worn. There are no 'life memberships' being offered these days. Membership is very affordable. Chapter meeting frequency is similair to that of a Lodge.


If you have already explored the Scottish Rite, that does not preclude you from applying to join Chapter. Many who have taken Scottish Rite degrees can be found among our ranks, though in Chapter we do not recognise the Scottish Rite degrees, neither can the Scottish Rite jewel be worn in Chapter. In the York Rite we do not 'number' degrees as those in the Scottish Rite have done.


Neither is there a requirement after having worked your way through the three degrees offered by the Royal Arch Chapter, to join any other York Rite bodies, but if you choose to, there are other York Rite bodies one may apply to join.

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What is the York Rite? The 'York Rite' is a term for other (optional) Masonic bodies, which a Master Mason may choose to apply to join, (which in Ontario start with the Royal Arch Chapter), as well as others which require a Master Mason to first become a Royal Arch Mason as a requirement for application to them. (The York Rite does not include the 'Scottish Rite'.)  If you wish to follow the York Rite, then apply to join a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. In Ontario the Royal Arch Chapters currenty work three degrees, for the first two of which the Chapter actually opens and operates as a Lodge, (i.e. a Lodge of Mark Master Masons to work the Mark Master Mason degree, and a Lodge of Most Excellent Masters to work the Most Excellent Master degree.) The Chapter opens as a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons to work the Holy Royal Arch degree.

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How to start a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Ontario.


Step 1. Have someone who wants to start a new Royal Arch Chapter. Ideally this someone should be a Royal Arch Mason, or want to become one. (To become one he would first need to be a Master Mason in a Masonic Lodge, and then ask to join an existing Royal Arch Chapter.)


Step 2. Find 9 Royal Arch Masons (including yourself). Ask the Grand Superintendent of your District about how to ask permission to start meeting as a Royal Arch Chapter 'under dispensation' from Grand Chapter. Basically these 9 RAM need to 'petition' (write to) the Grand Chapter through the Grand Superintendent of the District, for 'permission to meet under dispensation as a Chapter' at (name of a Lodge room/location), at (time) on (meeting day of month), and list the proposed Officers by Chair. (Note: Be sure your proposed Chapter will be able to meet its Lodge room rental expenses, etc. Suggest a Chapter name. Ask the Grand Superintendent for a set of gerneric Chapter Bylaws in electronic format.)


Step 3. Grand Superintendent for that District (if supportive), and petition is complete as per the Constitution, asks the closed Chapter in the Dsistrict if they have any objection. If they do not, he sends the petition to Grand Chapter.


Step. 4 Grand Chapter either approves or declines the petition. The reply is passed back by way of the District Grand Superintendent. If approved, arrangements are made for the meetings to start. (Note: Grand Chapter has Chapter room furnishings, etc, in storage, which you can request to use for a new Chapter.)

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Companions, there will be a District 9 'Chapter of Instruction' and a 'District 9 Meeting' on Saturday 11 June 2016 at the Manitoba Lodge building (main floor - at grade, wheel chair accessible), 4 Queen Street, Cookstown, ON., from 10 am until about noon. It is possible that a light repast might be provided. Dress is very casual (shorts & T Shirt acceptable). Companions you are welcome to bring up any new business at the District Meeting, (as well as any other business). Questions are welcome, and this is an ideal setting for asking questions on any kind on any topic including but not limited to administration, finance, and work.  (There will still be the required Annual District Meeting later in the year, in Feb/March 2017 at which time the District 9 Election will occur.)


One item I would like to discuss at the 11 June District meeting is the budget/cost as it relates to this required annual Chapter of Instruction. You are also welcome to disucss the location for it for next year etc, should you wish to, as this event comes up fast on every newly Installed Grand Superintendent, so if the out going one is able to budget and plan it for the incoming one the following year that might be helpful! (Your choice.) I may also bring up a suggestion to add the cost of Grand Chapter pins for the next year's budget and subsequent years. should the District wish to budget for and continue with that tradition. If you wish we might be able to disucuss the tentative District 9 Devine Service, and individal Chapter plans for any Master Masons Nights, etc. I would ask that each Chapter add this 11 June event to their Chapter summons.

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