From left to right are  R.Ex.Comp. Paraag Suchak  – Grand Second Principal; M.Ex.Comp. George Alan Napper  – Grand First Principal; and R.Ex.Comp. George Brent Fairbairn – Grand Third Principal

Grand Second Principal
R.Ex. Comp. Paraag Suchak

Grand First Principal
M. Ex. Comp. George Alan Napper

Grand Third Principal
R. Ex. Comp. George Brent Fairbairn
Grand Superintendent
District 1
2017gs01s R. Ex. Comp.
Barry John Evans
Grand Superintendent
District 2
2016gs02s R. Ex. Comp.
Bruce Falconer
Grand Superintendent
District 3
2017gs03s R. Ex. Comp.
Kamran Farooq
Grand Superintendent
District 4
2016gs04s R. Ex. Comp.
Ray Duval
Grand Superintendent
District 5
2017gs05s R. Ex. Comp.
Godfrey Golding
Grand Superintendent
District 6
2017gs06s R. Ex. Comp.
Lanny Salmon
Grand Superintendent
District 7
2017gs07s R. Ex. Comp.
Bradley Donald Kempston
Grand Superintendent
District 8
2017gs08s R. Ex. Comp.
Victor Rubinoff
Grand Superintendent
District 9
2017gs09 R. Ex. Comp.
David Mahon
Grand Superintendent
District 10
2017gs10 R. Ex. Comp.
Glenn Jess
Grand Superintendent
District 11
2017gs11s R. Ex. Comp.
Michael Hunter
Grand Superintendent
District 12
2017gs12s R. Ex. Comp.
Russell Alexander Staye
Grand Superintendent
District 13
2017gs13s R. Ex. Comp.
Nelson Das Eiras
Grand Superintendent
District 14
2017gs14s R. Ex. Comp.
Richard Pihlaja
Grand Superintendent
District 15
2016gs15s R. Ex. Comp.
William Patrick Boote
Grand Chaplain R.Ex.Comp. Gregory Smith
Acting Grand Treasurer R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Manning
Grand Scribe Ezra M.Ex.Comp. Richard James Jackson
Grand Scribe Ezra Emeritus R.Ex.Comp. Melvyn James Duke
Grand Scribe Nehemiah R.Ex.Comp. Peter Sialtsis
Grand Principal Sojourner R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Brown
Grand Registrar R.Ex.Comp. Edward Denbeigh
Grand Executive Committee

Elected 2018

R.Ex.Comp. Dario Mancuso
R.Ex.Comp. Brian Aikins
R.Ex.Comp. Mark Wayne Kapitan

Elected 2017

R.Ex.Comp. Jeffrey Baker
R.Ex.Comp. Dushan Surovy
R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Albert Mortlock

Executive Committee Honourary 2018 (2 Years)
R.Ex.Comp. David Edward Jacklin

Assistant Officers Appointed

Grand Outer GuardV.Ex.Comp. Albert Edward Hodge

Assistant Grand Chaplain V.Ex.Comp. Herbert Wesley Sainthill
Grand Lecturer V.Ex.Comp. George Puccia
Grand Senior Sojourner V.Ex.Comp. Herbert Lochbihler
Grand Junior Sojourner V.Ex.Comp. Earl Quackenbush
Grand Sword Bearer V.Ex.Comp. Russell Palin
Grand Master of the 4th Veil V.Ex.Comp. James Arrindell
Grand Master of the 3rd Veil V.Ex.Comp. Reijo Allan Luoma
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil V.Ex.Comp. Paul Weagle
Grand Master of the 1st Veil V.Ex.Comp. John Ewart
Grand Standard Bearer V.Ex.Comp. Richard Meisner
Grand Director of Ceremonies R.Ex.Comp. Ronald McClung
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies V.Ex.Comp. Timothy King
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies V.Ex.Comp. Roger Cook
Grand Organist V.Ex.Comp. Kenneth Adamson
Grand Pursuivant V.Ex.Comp. Brian Gilkinson
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Randy Alexander
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Gerald Francis
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Randy Kenneth
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. David Kemp
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Thomas Oake
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Peter James Edward La Brash
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Gary Thomas Ballard
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Paul Lyle Workman
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Robert Louis Roy Boudreau
Grand Outer Guard V.Ex.Comp. Albert Edward Hodges
Grand Historian V.Ex.Comp. John Charles Schaeffer
Grand Archivist V.Ex.Comp John Fulton Sutherland