Report of The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons Scholarships and Bursary Committee

January 2015

Companions, on behalf of the Scholarships and Bursary Committee we bring you greetings.

Your committee has had a great start to the new Bursary year, which began following Grand Chapter Convocation this past Spring.

Forty four applications have been received by your Committee for 2014-2015

Of the applications submitted forty have been granted and cheques sent to the appropriate Grand Superintendents. Companions can take a great deal of satisfaction and pride that you as student sponsors are assisting so many young students buffer their costs of higher education.

Next year we will be raising the Bursaries as follows: the Fourth year Bursary from $500.00 to $550.00, the Third year from $450 to $500, the Second year from $350 to $400 and First year from $250 to $300..

Companions, it is very important however, that as a Committee we remain vigilante as we all struggle through these very tough economic times.

While we are presently receiving interest income on our Bursary Funds, we look forward to your donations so we can keep our Bursary Fund healthy. It is vitally important that ALL Chapters give serious thought to finding ways to raise funds to help this vital program. We must not let it falter!

Chapter fund raising and donations are just two ways that will ensure that this very valuable Masonic program will continue for many more years to come. Bequests can also be a valuable source of income

Please help us, help our students, help our future! It is the Masonic thing to do!

R .Ex. Companion Peter Everett
Scholarships and Bursary Committee Chair

Scholarship and Bursary Review Board:
R. Ex. Companion Michael Channing
R. Ex. Companion Robert C. Wakefield
R. Ex. Companion Ronald E. Luxon
R. Ex. Companion Robert C. Wakefield
R. Ex. Companion Daryl Tuck
V. Ex. Companion Gary Gosling
Ex. Comp. Alan Lawrie
Ex. Companion Christopher Yates.