May 19th, 2021
As you probably know the collection of the ballots for the Grand Third Principal and for the Grand Executive was a great success and currently are sitting in the office waiting to be counted. Unfortunately the current lockdown that was enacted to control the covid -19 virus has delayed the count but it will be counted buy the Scrutineer Committee as soon as the lockdown is lifted. I thank you for your patience and understanding.

M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan
Grand First Principal

Feb 22nd, 2021
Grand Chapter News

Companions I hope everyone is well and keeping busy during this terrible time. Hopefully we will get our covid-19 shots soon which should assist us all staying healthy and slowing the pandemic. The ongoing crisis seems never ending and it makes planning for the Grand Chapter Convocation very difficult. The ballot was the first task and collecting the information that is necessary for the mail in ballot to work is now complete and the ballots are in the process of being sent out to everyone that is entitled to a vote. On behalf of the Grand Council, I thank everyone for cooperating and making the collection of information a success. After the deadline for returning the ballots has passed the committee of scrutineers will count the votes and report the results to the Grand First Principal who will announce the results at the April Grand Executive meeting.

As you know Grand Lodge has shut down all Masonic Lodges to at least April 30th 2021, also what with the slow start of Covid-19 shots and the emergence of mutating covid viruses, the possibility of Masonic Lodges opening soon is very remote, probably happening later in the year. This would mean that companions elected at the April Convocation will not be able to function in their new position for quite some time because they would have no place to go to. This along with the survey results that showed that most of the membership do not want to attend chapter until they have their covid shot, suggested to the Grand Council that they rethink the decision to have a virtual Grand Chapter Convocation. Besides a virtual Convocation does not have the same emotion or ceremony as the real thing and limits us in what we can do.

These remarks prompted Grand Council to cancel the April 2021 Convocation, instead hold an Emergent Meeting of the Grand Chapter on October 16th and have the Installation and Investiture done at this time. The thinking is that everyone that wants to be inoculated against covid-19 will be done so by then and subject to the rules of the day we can have a proper convocation, and the fall meeting of the Grand Executive which will be held sometime prior to the Convocation.

This would mean that the Grand Chapter term would run from October 2021 to April 2023 an eighteen month term with the Grand Councilserving until 2024 which will bring us back to the even years of Installation.

Companions, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are almost there, the election will happen and everything will be ready for the October convocation.

M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan
Grand First Principal

Jan 31st, 2021

This notice is a follow-up to the notice sent out from the office, March 24, 2020 because of Covid-19 restrictions, permission to carry on the business without opening up the Chapter with minutes taken was granted. This includes paying any outstanding accounts, receiving applications and demits. If a demit request is made with paid up dues it can be granted.  In the event of the resignation or death of an officer the First Principal can appoint a qualified companion to replace that officer.

The business of the chapter should happen on the regular chapter night and due to the current covid-19 situation the meeting should be conducted virtually. Appropriate masonic papers may be presented after the business is completed.

There will be no ritual performed and all Officers will remain in office until restrictions are lifted and meetings resume.   Any business conducted during the current shutdown, must be presented to the chapter membership once meetings resume.    Continue to follow the guidelines and advice of the health authorities and be safe. If you have any questions concerning this directive please contact the Grand Chapter office.

M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan
Grand First Principal

Companions, Please see the new changes under “Resources”.



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