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Nov 12th, 2020, message below, and two document attachments.

Given that we are getting into a second wave of the pandemic, it is clear that it will be some time before we can enjoy our Lodge and Chapter meetings. Human civilization has been through several life altering changes in the past two hundred years, evolving and adapting with every strife we have faced; yet Freemasonry has withstood all difficulties and my Companions, I firmly believe that this too shall pass.

In the meantime, we must do our best to make use of other creative means to enjoy each other’s company, including video conferencing. Please stay in touch with your Lodge and Chapter companions and call and check up on those that are in distress. I want to thank all of the First Principals and Scribe Es of the Chapters in our jurisdiction that have continued to stay in touch with their Companions over the last eight months with their regular summons and inspiring messages.

Finally, on a personal note, I want to also thank M. Ex. Comp. Donovan for stepping as Grand First Principal and working with M. Ex. Comp. Jackson and R. Ex. Comp. Fairbairn and I to keep the work of our Grand Chapter going.

Sincerely & fraternally,
R. Ex. Comp. Paraag Suchak, GH

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–> Message-from-the-Grand-Third-Principal-20201112.docx

M.Ex.Comp Richard j. Jackson, Grand Scribe Ezra
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Canada
In the Province of Ontario

Dear M.Ex.Comp. Jackson
After a discussion with you and M.Ex.Comp. Gordon H. Stuart, because of health reasons, I have decided to step aside from my position as Grand First Principle effective today (Oct 5th).
I shall be present and assume the chair at our next Grand Convocation, deliver to you for someone to read my Final Grand First Principle address, while whomever runs the business of Grand Chapter. During the installation of the new Grand First Principle, I will be present to be invested as the immediate Past Grand First Principle.

A past Grand First Principle, until the next Grand Chapter Convocation, will be directing the affairs of Grand Chapter and i expect that i will be kept abreast of everything.

M.Ex.Comp. Georges A. Napper
Grand First Principal
–> Oct-5-2020-Grand-First-Letter-step-aside.PDF — Copy of the above text.
–> Oct-6-2020-Alan-Donovan-reply.pdf — Reply that M.Ex.Comp. Alan Donovan will act as Grand First Principal until the April 2021 Convocation.
August 1st, 2020
I hope you have had the opportunity to review the letter from our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother
David Cameron issued July 28, 2020.
He has done an excellent job of providing information concerning Covid-19 and the position we should
take in regards to not only keeping our members safe but also for sharing with our families in this trying
time. We do encourage you to keep in touch with other Companions just not in person at this time. So, it
is suggested that, while waiting to be able to re-open, Chapters consider having virtual education sessions
on their regular night, followed by a social chat on-line. They could continue with separate virtual GP
meetings as well to discuss the business or roll them into one. If this is technically too much for an
individual Chapter, perhaps Districts could do it. Pay extra attention to keeping in contact with those
elderly or ill Companions who continue to self-isolate.
The Ceremonies that are important to us as Masons, and in particular Royal Arch Masons, must not be
changed just so we can continue to meet in the future. We will overcome this pandemic and I am sure
come out stronger once a vaccine is available. Bear in mind we will follow the steps outlined below;
All local and provincial guidelines must be followed.
• No visitors from other Chapters
• No physical contact including shaking hands
• No ritual will be performed (except that required to open and close the meeting)
• No Installations and Investitures will be allowed
• No degree work will be permitted
• No fourth degrees/festive boards (no preparation or serving of food or beverages of any kind)
• No singing (including the National Anthem)
• No Masonic Memorial Services permitted
• No official visits by the Grand Superintendents
In addition to the restrictions, everyone who attends a Chapter meeting must provide his name and
contact information to be stored with the Scribe Ezra in case there is an outbreak and contacts need to be
traced. Membership lists will only be shared with public health if a potential exposure occurs on site.
If you have any questions concerning this directive, not hesitate to contact the Grand Scribe Ezra at the
Grand Chapter Office.
M.Ex.Comp. George Napper
Grand First Principal.
July 17th, 2020
Companions, Royal Arch Masonry Education documents now available in the “Members” tab. Please contact your local Scribe “E” for login information. Once logged in, a link to the Education Library Page will appear. New documents will be added as they become available.

June 18th, 2020
Most Excellent Companion Harry Turner
    It is with sadness that we report the passing of Most Excellent Companion Harry Douglas Turner to the Grand Chapter Above on June 11, 2020.
M.Ex.Comp. Turner served as Grand First Principal 1998-99 and was a Life Member of King Cyrus Chapter No 232 as well as a member of St John’s Chapter No 6, Mount Moriah Chapter No 19 and Sanhedrin Chapter No 114.
Once we are able to hold meetings again, all Chapters will be reminded to drape their Charter for 2 months.
We will cherish his memory in our hearts..

M.Ex Comp. George Napper,
Grand First Principal





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