The Million Dollar Club

The Million Dollar Club is the major project of the Release-A-Miracle Committees drive to attain the magical Dollar figure, which will sustain the capital investment of the Fund at a level, that will ensure a continuous interest return to make the Fund totally self sufficient.

For a donation of One Hundred Dollars ($ 100.00) the Companion will receive a Certificate and a Lapel Pin which will enroll him in the Club. The donor will receive a Tax slip for the full amount which will be issued by Grand Chapter.

Letters and application Forms are being sent to all Chapters setting out the way in which a Companion can contribute. This is a unique way in which we can contribute to the Release-A-Miracle Fund and achieve that $1,000.000.00 (ONE MILLION DOLLARS) that will sustain the Medical Research Fund for another 150 years.

Please contact R.Ex.Comp. Desmond Washer, Chairman at email: or R.Ex.Comp. Ted Jenkins for any further information

Posted by R. Ex. Comp. Des Washer, Chair – Release A Miracle Fund