Message Grand Superintendent





Welcome Companions,

As your newly elected Grand Superintendent for District 4, I am thrilled and honoured to be serving in this capacity. The past 2 years as the Assistant to the GS, has shown me the challenges of survival as well as the opportunities for growth in Royal Arch Masonry.

On a sad note, we will always cherish the memories of Amabel Chapter #131. Sadly it passed into darkness in 2015. This trend is prevalent throughout Ontario as many Chapters struggle with survival either through amalgamation, revival or darkness. The same trend holds true for the Craft Lodges from which we draw our support. Active participation is the answer.

It has been a year of celebration for Manitou Chapter #27 as they achieved their 150th Anniversary complete with a banquet and guests. Hearty congratulations.

District 4 was well represented as all 5 Chapters attended the 158th Grand Convocation. In particular 2 Companions from our district were recipients of an award and an appointment. Companion Ray Firman (Manitou Chapter) has been awarded the “Distinguished Service Award”. Also V Ex Comp Ivan Smith (Havelock Chapter) was appointed as “Grand Pursuivant”. Congratulations Companions.

In closing I welcome the upcoming schedule of Chapter Installations and Official Visits for the forthcoming year. These opportunities are the best times for visitations, participation in rituals, and learning experiences that show teamwork at its best.

            Plan Your Work,

                        Work Your Plan.

R EX Comp Arthur W Harvey