Chapter of Instruction Agenda


Chapter of Instruction

Saturday, September 12 2015, 9:30 a.m. until 12 noon

St. Clair Masonic Temple, RR#1, Highway 25 South, Milton Ont. L9T 2X5


# Details  
1 Invocation R. Ex. Comp. Gordon Sinclair
2 Opening Remarks
a. Welcome
R. Ex. Comp. Mark Cannon
3 Chapter of Instructions
a. Openings and Closings
b. Sharing the Word
c. Proper usages of signs in the three degrees
d. Bringing-in Officers in under the wands
e. Balloting
f. Synopsis of 2015 Scribe E. Responsibilities Package.

Ex. Comp. John Dorris

Ex. Comp. Brampston Gushway

V. Ex. Comp. Ian Jess

4 Responsibilities of District Chairmen R. Ex. Comp. Gordon Sinclair
5 Approved Changes to the Constitution R. Ex. Comp. Mark Cannon
6 Other
a. District Secretary Requirements on Official Visit
b. Summon
c. Divine Service
d. District Event
Ex. Comp. Walter Trafford
7 Closing R. Ex. Comp. Mark Cannon