Divine Service



Over the years I have heard Masons speak about “anti-masonic” sentiments, especially from religious institutions. Honestly though, I have never experienced anything like that myself, that is, until recently.    


Through my direction E.x.Comp George Schmidt attempted to arrange the Divine Service for District 7 at Pelham United church, after all, he is a retried minister and member of the congregation, so easy peasy right? Nope, not so as it appears that a few years ago the board of the church passed a by-law prohibiting Masonic Services. As the saying goes the struggle was on E.x Comp.Schmidt while he appealed the Boards decision. George being asked to appear before the the board to challenge this, requested of me to write a brief history of “my” involvement as a member of the United church. In his challenge he then prepared a lengthy and insightful presentation linking the importance of “faith”  in masonry. Guess what? The answer was still no! Clearly barring intervention from a higher power it looked like we would have to disappointingly pick a new Church, that is until George’s wife Ellen decided that she needed to have a word with them. Wouldn’t you know they called the next day and said it was ok, we could have the service.


All kidding aside, one of main principals of Pelham United is being inclusive to all the members of the community. Principles are a funny thing, everyone seems to have them until it costs them something, then you get to see their true character. Unfortunately, it cost them a member of their church.


So in the end, they look forward to welcoming us on April 10 th at 2 pm. I would ask that every Companion join me on April 10th in renewing our faith, and displaying our own strength by showing up in some numbers.    R. Ex. Comp. Charles WatsonGrand Superintendent District No. 7