District 9 – Official Visits

The Grand Superintendent is required to visit each Chapter once during his one year term, this visit is termed the ‘Official Visit’. In terms of the ‘Closing Charge’, he may give either the long or short form closing (his choice), if invited to do so by the Chapter. The Grand Superintendent’s plan for his 2016-2017 year in District 9, is to visit every Chapter in the District on its Official Visit date, plus the intent to visit every Chapter on its Installation. (For this year, if the Grand Superintendent is requested to give the Closing Charge, the long form will most likely be given.) The dates for the Official Visits, Installations, etc, are to be found on the District 9 Calendar on this website.


At every Official Visit to a Chapter in District 9, form TGC 08 (The Grand Superintendent’s Annual Return) must be completed. This form can be found in the Forms Area, of the Grand Chapter website. Form TGC 19, questions 15 to 21 (Statistics) must also be answered. In addition, the Minute Book, Registration Book, Outer Guard’s Register, Book of Marks, Cash Book, and Financial Report must be on hand for inspection. It is expected that a degree will be conferred. Lastly a cheque is required at that meeting, made out to ‘District 9 RAM’, representing the number of members times four dollars per member.