Royal Arch Mason Representative In Masonic Lodge

Grand Chapter has requested each District, to have its Publicity Chaiman name the most senior Royal Arch Mason in each Masonic Lodge in and around the Districts, as the Royal Arch Mason Representative to the District. So in our case, the District 9 Chaiman for Publicity will need to establish a list of such appointments in the Lodges in and around District 9. The District Communications Chairman can assist him, or perhaps the two of them can work together on this in some way for the good of the Order.


The intent is that each of these RAM Representatives will act as a counduit to pass information to and from the District and the Masons in his Lodge. In some cases more than one District might end up with a RAM Rep in a Lodge, but the Grand First Principal does not mind if that happens, as that is the kind of problem he would like to have! (too munch info being passed to Master Masons.) Should such become a problem please let us know and we will work out a solution among the Dsitricts! My Companions, please make our Publicity Chairman’s life easier by provding him the info on the most senior RAM in each Lodge in and around your area. (If in doubt as to your area, be ambitious.)


It was confirmed by the Grand First Principal with the The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario (as he was in attendance in his usual place of honour, as is normally the case at such Annual Grand Chapter Convocations) at the April 2016 Grand Chapter Convocation, that the Grand Master has mandated that Lodges set aside a set part of the space in their Lodge Summons for the promotion of bodies such as the Royal Arch Chapters. This would be an ideal space in which to include the RAM Rep for that Lodge, etc, as well as info on Master Masons Nights, and any mention of possible new Chapter petitions, etc.


The Grand Superintendent of District 9  is very keen on establishing new Chapters in the District, then again who wouldn’t be? Of course any new Chapter must not be at the expense of existing Chapters, and must not significantly siphon off memberhship. It goes without saying that any new proposed Chapter must include a slate of proposed Officers, a Budget, and draft Bylaws. The Grand Superintendent can provide a draft electonic copy set of bylaws as a starting point (on request), and can help steer any interested parties in the right direction, just ask by e-mail.The Grand Chapter Constitution explains the process for starting new Chapters. The ideal situation may be for Lodges to plan to sponsor a new Chapter bearing the same name as the Lodge, which would then meet in that Lodge room, perhaps at low rent, and with a Chapter number to be supplied by Grand Chapter. Questions by e-mail are welcome.