District 9 Chapter of Instruction & District Meeting

Companions, there will be a District 9 ‘Chapter of Instruction’ and a ‘District 9 Meeting’ on Saturday 11 June 2016 at the Manitoba Lodge building (main floor – at grade, wheel chair accessible), 4 Queen Street, Cookstown, ON., from 10 am until about noon. It is possible that a light repast might be provided. Dress is very casual (shorts & T Shirt acceptable). Companions you are welcome to bring up any new business at the District Meeting, (as well as any other business). Questions are welcome, and this is an ideal setting for asking questions on any kind on any topic including but not limited to administration, finance, and work.  (There will still be the required Annual District Meeting later in the year, in Feb/March 2017 at which time the District 9 Election will occur.)


One item I would like to discuss at the 11 June District meeting is the budget/cost as it relates to this required annual Chapter of Instruction. You are also welcome to disucss the location for it for next year etc, should you wish to, as this event comes up fast on every newly Installed Grand Superintendent, so if the out going one is able to budget and plan it for the incoming one the following year that might be helpful! (Your choice.) I may also bring up a suggestion to add the cost of Grand Chapter pins for the next year’s budget and subsequent years. should the District wish to budget for and continue with that tradition. If you wish we might be able to disucuss the tentative District 9 Devine Service, and individal Chapter plans for any Master Masons Nights, etc. I would ask that each Chapter add this 11 June event to their Chapter summons.