Greetings from R. Ex. Comp. Brampston Gushway

Our congratulations to M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan , our Grand First Principal of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. Also congratulations to the Grand Council and Grand Committee members for every success in the coming year.


Companions of District 5, thank you for electing me as your District Superintendent for 2016/2017. I’m looking forward to the year ahead. My Secretary and District Committee members are also looking forward to working with you to solidify the foundations laid by previous Grand Superintendents.


My goal for this year will be working with each Chapter to “Raise Your Bar“. This goal contains three focus areas: Increased awareness of Capitular Masonry, Increased Chapter collaboration and Enhanced meeting cadence.


Companions we are all well aware of the benefits of Capitular Masonry. We need to consistently share these benefits with Master Masons as they are our future Companions.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions and sharing of experiences in making this goal and focus areas realized. We all need to participate in solidifying our Capitular Masonry foundation.


To our prospective candidates (Master Masons) who are considering joining a Chapter, we would like to hear from you.

What is Royal Arch Masonry?


Within the Chapter, you have an opportunity to complete your Craft degrees. There are 7 Chapters in District 5. To find one closest to you refer to this list.  Click on a Chapter name to see its map:


District 5 Royal Arch Masons – Chapter Meeting Nights
Location Chapter Name Week Day of Week
Brampton or Mississauga North Orion 1st Tuesday
Mississauga, Streetsville, Meadowvale Occident 1st Thursday
Burlington, Oakville White Oak 2nd Tuesday
Milton St. Clair 3rd Thursday
Orangeville Headwater 3rd Tuesday
Georgetown Halton 3rd Wednesday
Mississauga, South West Port Credit 4th Tuesday


 In closing, with all our continued focus and dedication to Capitular Masonry, I know we will have a successful year in District 5.


Sincerely and Fraternally,
R. Ex. Comp. Brampston Gushway
Grand Superintendent
District 5