How To Start A Chapter of Royal Arch Masons In Ontario

How to start a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Ontario.


Step 1. Have someone who wants to start a new Royal Arch Chapter. Ideally this someone should be a Royal Arch Mason, or want to become one. (To become one he would first need to be a Master Mason in a Masonic Lodge, and then ask to join an existing Royal Arch Chapter.)


Step 2. Find 9 Royal Arch Masons (including yourself). Ask the Grand Superintendent of your District about how to ask permission to start meeting as a Royal Arch Chapter ‘under dispensation’ from Grand Chapter. Basically these 9 RAM need to ‘petition’ (write to) the Grand Chapter through the Grand Superintendent of the District, for ‘permission to meet under dispensation as a Chapter’ at (name of a Lodge room/location), at (time) on (meeting day of month), and list the proposed Officers by Chair. (Note: Be sure your proposed Chapter will be able to meet its Lodge room rental expenses, etc. Suggest a Chapter name. Ask the Grand Superintendent for a set of gerneric Chapter Bylaws in electronic format.)


Step 3. Grand Superintendent for that District (if supportive), and petition is complete as per the Constitution, asks the closed Chapter in the Dsistrict if they have any objection. If they do not, he sends the petition to Grand Chapter.


Step. 4 Grand Chapter either approves or declines the petition. The reply is passed back by way of the District Grand Superintendent. If approved, arrangements are made for the meetings to start. (Note: Grand Chapter has Chapter room furnishings, etc, in storage, which you can request to use for a new Chapter.)