District 15 – Newsletter Volume 1

To keep our District informed of what’s happening in Royal Arch, this newsletter is created to share with our Companions.


Grand First Principal is M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan
Grand Second Principal is R. Ex. Comp. George Napper
Grand Third Principal is R. Ex. Comp. Paraag Natwarlal Suchak
The Grand Second Principal is going to arrange a visit to Golden Star Chapter in Dryden on May 17th.  Scribe E. from Golden Star will confirm details as arrangements progress and you will be notified.  I ask all Companions to consider attending with me for this visit.
The Grand Master has stated that Craft lodges are allowed to use up to 20% of their summons space to advertise Royal Arch Masonry.  We suggest you ask Lodge Secretaries to include the name and contact information of Scribe E.


We, in District 15, will be forming Committees to assist me with important projects, therefore I am looking for volunteers to assist the District Chairmen of these committees from each Chapter.

Chair for Charities – Medical Research re: Prostate Cancer
This is a very important Chair as the Grand Executive Chairman, R. Ex. Comp. Sean Fuller has a lot of fund raising projects planned and each Chapter will need a member to liase with the District Chair.  I have asked a member from Golden Star to head up the Chair for me, so will need a member from Shuniah and Golden Chapters to fill out his team.

Chair for Public Relations: – Comp. Mark Nadeau, Golden Chapter
We need a volunteer from both Golden Star and Shunia to serve in this capacity along with Mark.  The P.R. Chairmen will contact the Masonic Lodges in their respective areas to include contact information in their summons regarding Royal Arch Masonry.  I will be personally contacting candidates for these positions in the near future to move forward with this work.
The Grand Chapter Public Relations Chair, R. Ex. Comp. Craig Terreberry is also a very enthusiastic Grand Officer whom is also responsible for pamphlets and  Royal Arch lapel pins.

Planned Official Visits to Golden Star and Shuniah will be arranged with the First Principals directly.   I will be attending Shuniah on a Fraternal visit this coming month to visit with the Companions, having already done so with Golden Star Chapter this past week.

Should you have a need for further information or have questions, contact information is:
Peter Hall, Grand Superintendent:  phone: 807-468-6598, or email:  jkphall@shaw.ca
Secretary to the Grand Supt. R. Ex. Comp. Don Jones, phone: 807-468-6217, or email: dojones@kmts.ca

We are here to serve the Companions of District No. 15.
R. Ex. Comp. Peter Hall, Grand Superintendent