What is the York Rite?

What is the York Rite? The ‘York Rite’ is a term for other (optional) Masonic bodies, which a Master Mason may choose to apply to join, (which in Ontario start with the Royal Arch Chapter), as well as others which require a Master Mason to first become a Royal Arch Mason as a requirement for application to them. (The York Rite does not include the ‘Scottish Rite’.)  If you wish to follow the York Rite, then apply to join a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. In Ontario the Royal Arch Chapters currenty work three degrees, for the first two of which the Chapter actually opens and operates as a Lodge, (i.e. a Lodge of Mark Master Masons to work the Mark Master Mason degree, and a Lodge of Most Excellent Masters to work the Most Excellent Master degree.) The Chapter opens as a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons to work the Holy Royal Arch degree.