Growth Plan

Growth Plan. This proposed Growth Plan blog post is ‘for disucssion’ and should be read in the context of my other Blog posts, as well as a prelude to the District 9 Chapter of Instruction and District 9 Meeting, which both occur on 11 June in Cookstown at 10 am at the Manitioba Lodge building, 4 Queen St.


Let us with flexibility of mind, and on an annual basis, very proactively examine areas in and around District 9 which may seem to be lacking in Royal Arch Chapter coverage, including speaking with Lodges, with a view to perhaps facilitating well thought out petitions for the creation of new Chapters. Ideally every petition would have the clear sponsorship of the Lodge in which it would meet (and perhaps sharing the same name), and without significantly pulling membership away from existing Chapters in this or other Districts.


Such petitions should include with them a proposed annual operating budget, proposed Chapter name, and a proposed slate of Officers, and a proposed by-laws. (I can supply a draft set of bylaws if you need one, and likely a generic draft budget as well that you can then amend as needed rather than starting from scratch.) Chapter numbers are assigned by Grand Chapter, though requests may be entertained as part of any petition.


My initial study of this seems to indicate a potential need for one or more new Chapter somewhere in the Shelburne, Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton area(s), but I am open to all areas.


I would do what I can to help the petition process. Your questions and suggestions (by e-mail) would be most welcome.