District 15 – Newsletter Volume 2

District No. 15 Grand Superintendent


Volume #2

To keep our District informed of what’s happening in Royal Arch, this newsletter is created to share with our Companions.


Grand Third Principle  R. Ex. Comp. Paraag Natwarlal Suchak  has requested that the Grand Superintendents send out official correspondence to the District Chapters advising them to use correct titles for a Companions rank in their summons, as well as their correspondence and/or minutes?  I have sent out a letter containing this information but am also including it in my Newsletter to reach the widest audience possible.

The following abbreviations have started appearing in summons and arenot acceptable:


The correct and acceptable forms are:

  • Companion (can be abbreviated as Comp.)
  • Excellent Companion (can be abbreviated as Ex. Comp.)
  • Very Excellent Companion (can be abbreviated as V. Ex. Comp.)
  • Right Excellent Companion (can be abbreviated as R. Ex. Comp.)
  • Most Excellent Companion (can be abbreviated as M. Ex. Comp.)

Craft Lodge Summons’

A reminder that The Grand Master has stated that Craft lodges are allowed to use up to 20% of their summons space to advertise Royal Arch Masonry.  We suggest you ask Lodge Secretaries to include the name and contact information of Scribe E.  I trust all Chapters are making use of this opportunity to spread a Contact person for Royal Arch.


You may not be aware or may have heard some rumours about my Secretary having health issues.  I am able to report that although R. Ex. Comp. Don Jones  suffered a heart attack on Wednesday August 17, 2016.

I have contacted all District 15  Chapters through their First Principal and Scribe E with the information and can assure you that Don is doing well at home, resting until his operation can be scheduled in Hamilton in October.  I have been visiting him regularly and leaving before I wear him out.

He is only a bit upset about one thing, he has already purchased a 2016 Hunting License and will be unable to go hunting for a year, a waste of good money!

District Chairs for 2016-2017

Benevolence                      R. Ex. Comp. Andrew Skene

Chaplain:                              R. Ex. Com. Allan Schofield

Royal Arch Charities:      Comp. Mark Nadeau

Webmaster:                                    Ex. Comp. Tim King

Historian:                             R. Ex. Comp. Mike Abbott

Public Relations:               Ex. Comp. Jerry Tsubouchi



Planned Official Visits are on hold until I have more specific information on how Don is doing.  He will have to rest for at least 6 weeks after his operation, so the visits to to Golden Star and Shunia will be arranged with the First Principles for the new year.  I will visit Golden Chapter fraternally in September and hope to get the opportunity for similar visits to Shuniah and Golden Star, this fall. 

As always, should you have a need for further information or have questions, contact information is:

Peter Hall, Grand Superintendent:  phone: 807-468-6598, or email: jkphall@shaw.ca  

Secretary to the Grand Supt. R. Ex. Comp. Don Jones, phone: 807-468-6217, or email: dojones@kmts.ca.

We are here to serve the Companions of District No. 15.


R. Ex. Comp. Peter Hall, Grand Superintendent


Subsequent to this report being written, R. Ex. Comp. Andrew Skene has agreed to act as Secretary to the Grand Superintendent and the Official Visits were rescheduled to the District 15 Chapters.