Greetings …

Greetings Companions,
my journey as the G.S. of District 9 has just begun, and I look forward with enthusiasm to those Fraternal and Official Visits.
The many ” words of wisdom ” from Past G. Superintendents are most encouraging.

It is my firm belief that Royal Arch Masonry is entering a new phase, and in the years ahead will grow from strength to strength. The present decline in membership can, and will be reversed when we put into practice all those ideas being presented and discussed by the members.

We know the remedy — but we all need to act now, with a sense of urgency. My theme or project this year, is to clarify ” the true status of the Royal Arch ” and for the present I leave you with this thought — The Supreme Degree of the Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Masonry.

Kenneth Jay
G.S. District 9.