District 15 Blog November 2017 – Part 1

This has been a busy year up North in District 15.

It started off with accompanying our Grand First Principal, M. Ex. Comp. Alan Donovan to the  Grand Convocation of Royal Arch Masons of Manitoba on April 28-29 2017.  Also accompanying the suite were several Past Grand Superintendents, R. Ex. Comp. Daryl Tuck, R. Ex. Comp. Andrew Skene, R. Ex. Comp. Werner (Bernie) Bogernsberger  and R. Ex. Comp. Ron Johnson  of District 8, along with our spouses that were able to attend.

We were made to feel very welcome and enjoyed the fellowship we were shown by our Western Companions. M. Ex. Comp. Cliff Hartmier and his wife Deanna Hartmier truly made us feel like family.

Grand First Principal Alan Donovan; Ron Johnson, District # 8;  District #15 G.S.’s

R.Ex. Comp. Ron Johnson; R.Ex. Comp. Bernie Bogensberger; M.Ex. Comp. Grand First Principal Alan Donovan; R.Ex. Comp. Daryl Tuck (G.R. Manitoba); R.Ex. Comp. Andrew Skene; R.Ex. Comp. Peter Hall (Grand Superintendent District #15)

It has also been my privilege to present 5 bursaries to deserving students from a number of Chapters in District 15, said Bursary awards totaling 2250.00. I would especially like to thank R. Ex. Companion H. Daniel Knox, Chairman of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario Student Bursary Committee for his prompt and greatly appreciated assistance in the approval and forwarding for presentation of these Bursaries.  The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is to be highly commended for this excellent opportunity provided for furthering the education of the families of Royal Arch Masons.

Martin Boote, Grandson of Ex. Comp. Bill Boote,  Shuniah Chapter mailed Dec 19, 2016   (No photo)

Madison Gan and Kelsey Gan
Granddaughters of Ex. Comp. Ross Sillery, Golden Chapter, presented Aug 13 2017


Dylan Adam Bogensberger
Grandson of R. Ex. Comp Bernie Bogensberger  Shuniah Chapter  presented  3 Aug 27,2017


Emily Prystay
Granddaughter of Comp. Ray Howard, Golden Chapter, presented Nov 7, 2017


Emily and her proud Grandparents, Sheila and Ray Howard.

I was also fortunate to travel in September to New Zealand, where I met up with another Brother, Geoff Mather in Rotorua, North Island, whom took me under his wing and entertained myself and Joy in his home as well as taking me to tour the Rotorua Masonic Temple and to Gate Pa Masonic Lodge for their Installation.  The members there were as delighted to have a Canadian Freemason visiting them as much as I was visiting them.

I will provide a more detailed note in my next blog.


R. Ex. Comp Peter Hall District 15