Public Relations for The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Mason of Canada in the Province of Ontario


Public Relations by its very name is to promote The Grand Chapter to the public. But how do we achieve this seemingly
simple task. As it has been stated in the Past that some Royal Arch Masons are unaware that there is a Public Relations
Committee. I ask myself, how did they ever become Royal Arch Masons? Someone somewhere promoted our Craft in a
favourable light. But what did they do so well?

It is the goal of this Committee to promote in a favourable light Royal Arch Masonry. To achieve this much loftier goal
than originally stated, we will attack this issue from three directions.

Branding-The use of items with our logo on them to be displayed or worn in the public
Imaging-To put our very best foot forward in all our endeavours
Displays-Having positive information available at public events

We all have seen the Square and Compass as the symbol of Masons around the world.
This symbol is seen on licence plates, window stickers, lapel pins, ball caps, ties, golf shirts …
Where is your Keystone? They are available from Grand Chapter or by contacting me directly. We have window
stickers and lapel pins. In the future we hope to have ties, gloves and golf shirts available to promote our branch
of Masonry.

When you first enquired about the Chapter, one of the first statements you heard was, its great no memory
work and we read straight from the book. The enthusiasm of part a (it’s great) in my opinion is off set by the use
of ritual books during the degree. There is the appearance of not being prepared, or worse case is caring less.
We should be working towards a day when the only book open is the prompter. Better still is the prompter is
knowledgeable in the entire ritual. The image of quality ritual work can perpetuate itself. When combined with
the other attributes of a Royal Arch Mason. Did you know that only Royal Arch Masons can become members of
the Knights Templar? Your journey could continue.

Everyone that has been to the Annual Communication at Grand Lodge will notice the wonderful display for Royal
Arch Masonry. There is the larger than life, “Iconic” Keystone the symbol of our Order. On the opposite side of
the display table is a banner displaying a Sash and Jewel. Together these large advertisements border a pair of
screens. One has snapshots from events around the jurisdiction. While the second screen tells the story of
Fervency and Zeal. This display package can be borrowed for events such as the recent Open House. We will
once again be at Grand Lodge this July. It has already been requested for the International Plowing Match in
September. If you have such an event and wish to further the visibility of our Craft, contact Brian Kiernan to
make arrangements.

We invite your input as to what makes Royal Arch Masonry better. You can contact members of the committee
at the email addresses below. Please stop by our display wherever you see it and mention the website.

Brian Kiernan; ,
Dushan Surovy;,
George Mikael; ,
Robert Milliken; ,
Mark Kapitan; ,
William Brimer; ,
Nigel Spink;