Curious About The Holy Royal Arch?

The lessons of morality, the scientific instruction and he explanation of the symbols contained in the first three Degrees of the Craft all hold a promise of greater development and you should consider them only as the start of your Masonic career.

The key to your Masonic future

As well as the keys to that which was lost, and the keys to your Masonic progress, the teachings of the Mark Master, Most Excellent Master and the Royal Arch Degree will give you a whole new awareness and understanding of Craft Masonry. They will lead you along the path of greater Masonic and personal knowledge and understanding.

What the order is like

You will be warmly welcomed into this Order as your Brothers in the Craft become your Companions in the Royal Arch. As one sharing in something valuable with your Companions you will feel, and enjoy, a unique sense of unity and fellowship.

Fellowship & Charity

As Royal Arch Masons we have all pledged ourselves to proactive Charity, and our Fraternity is known for its generous donations to the community at large together, with our ability to generate support for particular charitable foundations.

About us

The Royal Arch is the first step in York Rite Masonry. Here within the Chapter you will receive the necessary instruction and information to fill in some of the missing pieces from the Masonic history taught in the Masonic Lodge. The Chapter is referred as Capitular Masonry, providing a member the opportunity for further advancement within the brotherhood.