The 163rd Convocation will take place at the Holiday Inn & Conference Centre in Burlington, Ontario from April 13th to 15th, 2023.


3063 South Service Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3E9.

A map is linked here

Information about the events and tickets has been sent to Chapters and invited guests from other Jurisdictions.  If you have not received it yet, please send an email to the Grand Scribe E.

You can also see a detailed summons/list of proposed amendments by clicking here.

If any details are required, please reach out to the General Chairman for the Convocation.


ROOM BOOKING (Room block until March 13, 2023)

Please click here for a link to book your hotel room at our negotiated rates, or call the hotel directly at +1.905.639.4443  and ask to make a reservation for the Royal Arch Masons group, and provide the Group Code RA2.    

Note:  When booking online, please pick dates between April 13 and 16 to get our negotiated rates.


Please book for your tickets to events using an online form by clicking on the registration link below.  Payment instructions will be sent to you when you submit your booking.



Thursday April 13 

  • 1300h Grand Executive Session – Harvester Hall
  • 1500h Seminar 1 – Harvester Hall
    • R.Ex.Comp. George Fairbairn will conduct a Chapter of Discussion on the Royal Arch Education Resource Library, followed by a presentation on the History of Capitular Degrees 1857-1895, extracted from the unpublished works of John Ross Robertson.
  • 1600h Seminar 2 – Harvester Hall
    • R. Ex. Comp. Brian Aikens will host a training session for conducting a Ferverency & Zeal Session for attracting Master Masons
  • 1700h – 2000h Voting in the Pearson Room
  • 2000h  Meet & Greet Reception (not dinner) – Atrium

Friday April 14 

  • 0845h Grand Council, Past Grand First Principals and Guests assemble
  • 0900h Grand Chapter Convocation opens in Harvester Hall
  • 0900h – 1300h Voting in the Pearson Room
  • 1030h – 1300h Ladies Program & Lunch in Burlington Room
  • 1200h (approx) – Grand Chapter Convocation breaks for lunch
  • 1200h Men’s Lunch in Halton Hall
  • 1300h (approx) Grand Chapter Convocation resumes in Harvester Hall
  • 1600h (approx) Grand Chapter Convocation recesses until Saturday
  • 1800h Social Hour before Grand First Principal’s Banquet
  • 1900h Grand First Principals Banquet

Saturday April 15 

  • 0900h Grand Chapter Convocation resumes in Harvester Hall
  • 1130h (approx) – Grand Chapter Convocation closes
  • Grand Chapter Elected and Appointed Officers Group Photo session
    • All Past Grand First Principals, Grand Council & Newly elected and appointed Grand Chapter officers are requested to go to the Halton A Room for a Group Photograph
  • 1130h (at close of Grand Chapter) Grand Superintendent & District Secretary Meeting in Halton A Room
    • The Grand Council will host a session for the newly invested Grand Superintendents & their Secretaries to review the material in the Grand Superintendent’s Manual

Events Floor Plan