Dear Companions,

Just a quick note of thanks for the opportunity to serve this great District as Grand Superintendent. It is an honor to take on this role and continue to support the district in a new capacity for the ensuing 12 months.

I look forward to visiting all District 10 Chapters during my term of office, both for the official visits and Installations, but also for fraternal visits and any special occasions that may occur. I have just completed and circulated the Trestle board and am happy to report that we will be getting back to a District Divine service in March of next year. We will also be trying something new this year with a 2nd & 3rd Principal’s night which will be held in Midland Chapter under the direction of the Principals of the district. We truly hope this event will prove to be a fun night of fellowship and fraternity.

The Secretary to the Grand Superintendent is V. Ex. Comp. Edwin Newman-Jones, he and I will be working diligently to provide support to the Chapters in whatever way possible.

Congratulations to V. Ex. Comp. John Acheson on his appointment as Grand Steward, very well deserved for a distinguished service. To our immediate past Grand Superintendent Philip Lake, please accept my congratulations and gratitude for your support and friendship for the past few years within the District Association.

As we have been discussing over the past 18 months since starting back up, the focus as we move forward is strengthening our Chapters. I know there are some challenges ahead, but I am confident that with some hard work, support and diligence, we will overcome and see the fruits of our labors at the other side. There are a few ways in which we can achieve this target but starting with quality work; get back to practices with Chapter Officers and ensure we do the candidates justice with our performances.

Prospecting for new members; please look to your Craft lodges for possible members and see if there is a possibility to make a presentation on behalf of Royal Arch Masonry during a small 5-minute break during lodge. We need to remember that our Craft lodges are our candidate pools and where we can engage new members to join our great organization. If you need any assistance with any resources, including the

‘Fervency & Zeal’ video, please connect with me directly. I would also be pleased to make any such presentation in the Craft lodges which feed our District Chapters.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to serve as Grand Superintendent. I look forward to seeing you all during my travels around the District.


REx. Comp. William Lee

Grand Superintendent – District 10