Message from the Grand Superintendent – District 10

Companions of District 10:

It is an honour and a privilege having been elected to serve as Grand Superintendent of District 10.  Thank you for the confidence you have placed in me, and I will carry out my duties to the best of my ability.

I look forward to visiting all of the District 10 Chapters during my term of office, both for the Official Visits and Fraternal Visits and your special occasions and events as they occur.

The Secretary to the Grand Superintendent is Ex. Comp. John Acheson a dedicated and very experienced Mason.  Congratulations to V. Ex. Comp. Peter Nuttall as Grand Steward.

My Companions due to the Covid 19 Pandemic the last 20 months of our lives have been in disarray! Thankfully our Health Ministry and Grand Lodge have been providing expert advice and guidance during this time. Hopefully with vaccines we have turned the corner, which will enable us to move cautiously forward

We have been limited to virtual or no meetings of our Chapters. My Companions, our focus this year will be to Renew, Revitalize, and Open our Chapters and encourage all Companions to return to our meetings providing they feel safe and comfortable to do so.

Regarding membership: I ask all Companions to look for potential Members in your Lodges. Masons will join a Chapter based on the knowledge they have.  We must put forth a collective, and effective effort to determine the expectations of each new member and work towards fulfilling those expectations.  Some members may just want to sit on the side benches and observe the meetings while others would like to be part of the fraternal activities before and after the meetings. Some will want to get involved in the ritual, learning parts and doing floor work and perhaps getting into the chairs. In discussing the desires and expectations with new members one needs to determine if they have an interest in learning parts. and joining the officer lineup. It is not beneficial to the Chapter to push a person to take on memory work or start in the chairs on receiving the Royal Arch Degree if they are not prepared to do so. Please give them time to enjoy Chapter, in certain cases it is not their interest to join the officer lineup, others may become bored if not soon directly involved in the ritual. Only through discussion with the member can you determine their desire and comfort level. I encourage all to work towards keeping all new and existing members interested, by asking them what they want out of Chapter and attempting to provide that experience. If the members are enjoying their time at the meeting, feel that they are contributing, and getting more light in Masonry they will continue to attend and participate. Keeping the Sponsor/ Buddy / Mentor System alive is the key to retaining Companions. Communication is vital!  A phone call or an e mail reminder can really help to show them we care!

Over the Last few years there were campaigns to raise money for the Royal Arch Charities through District events. BBQ’s, Pig Roasts, Chili Cook offs, and I hope all Chapters will continue their efforts as we move forward.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Grand Superintendent. I look forward to seeing all of you when meetings recommence.

R Ex Comp. Philip L. Lake

Grand Superintendent District 10

September 2021


District 10 TrestleBoard 2022