Grand Superintendent
Rt. Ex. Comp. Rodney R. Smith
7065 Olde Drive, R.R. 2 Strathroy,ON. N7G 3H4
Tel.: 519-319-2047
Secretary to the Grand Superintendent
V.Ex. Comp. James L. Patterson
389 Head Street North
Strathroy,ON. N7G 2K1

Office: Chaplain

R. Ex. Comp.
Robert C. Wakefield

Office: Bursary

Ex. Comp.
Jamie C. Zavitz

Office: Release-a-Miracle

V. Ex. Comp.
Wallace L. Green

Office: Masonic Education

Ex. Comp.
Chris D. Ludgate

Office: Benevolence

Ex. Comp.
Lyle O. Smith

Office: Public Relations

R. Ex. Comp.
John K. Howden