Greetings from District 6.

Companions, I want to welcome you to district 6 RAM. My District team and I are excited for the upcoming year in Capitular Masonry. We have seen a steady increase in membership and this year the focus is on retention and education of our members. The aim is to create a culture of excellence in Chapter and have a lot of fun while doing so!

A few dates to take note of are:

Tuesday June 4 at the Scottish Rite in Hamilton. St. John’s/Keystone Chapter will be visited by the Grand Council. Contact Scribe E for details.

The Hiram Chapter No.2 will turn 200 in February 2020. More details to follow.

To our Companions in other districts, please come for a visit. You will be warmly received and aid in strengthening the bonds of our fraternity. Our welcome mat is always out!


R. Ex. Comp. Brock McCulloch
Grand Superintendent – District 06

Greetings from District 6.