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10.05 Background

It has been felt for some time that there is a need for education-related resource material to be made readily available to the Grand Superintendents. A Grand Superintendent has a lot on his plate, including as per section 29(m) of the constitution, he needs to hold at least one Chapter of Instruction, pertaining to the Work and Administration of Chapters in his District. For some Grand Superintendents, this task is challenging, especially if he has no material readily available and no qualified member to delegate this responsibility to.

This material is an attempt to provide the Grand Superintendent with a toolkit of education topics from which he may choose for presentation at the Courses of Instruction events, and it is hoped that the use of the information contained in it will make the job of Grand Superintendent easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective.

Without competent and effective working of degrees, candidates will not receive a clear imprint of the lessons in them, and they will not be encouraged to elevate and strengthen the fabric of their characters. And without proper protocol and etiquette, we may by our awkwardness embarrass, offend or annoy our Companions. The traditional high standards of the Order would be difficult to maintain.

In assembling this document, I have collected material from education seminars conducted over the years in Districts 4, 5, 6 & 7, some material dating back to 1997. I have reviewed the material in detail and, where necessary, have updated it to be consistent with the current constitution and ritual.

There are many different education topics in this material. These topics focus on the more frequent Chapter events; for example, there is a topic on the Reception of the Grand Superintendent, rather than Reception of the Grand Council. The reader is directed to the Protocol & Etiquette manual for guidelines re the less-frequent event of Reception of the Grand Council.

Grand Superintendents are encouraged to submit additional education topics to the Grand Lecturer that may be included in future publications.

George Fairbairn
Grand Third Principal
July, 2019

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