Royal Arch Masons
Chapters of Instruction (Public Instruction)

This page contains links to documents intended for all to access.
American-or-English-Ritual.pdf — Does our Grand Chapter follow the English form or the American Form of Capitular Masonry?

Historical-Sketch.pdf — Capitular Masonry in Orillia

True Status of the Royal Arch.pdf — The year 2020, and the Covid-19 pandemic has altered our lives forever.

PlatonicSolids.pdf — The Origins of Science and the Geometrical Roots of the Triple Tau.

Address to Maple-Granite Chapter No. 61.pdf — Early Freemasonry was an interesting fabric woven around Lodges and degrees

Capitular Masonry.pdf — We try to draw the distinction between Operative and Speculative Masonry.

Degrees of the York Rite.pdf — Very early in our Masonic experiences we were charged to consider ourselves called on to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

Development of RAM Degrees.pdf — We tell our Exaltees that they are not to consider that they have received a Fourth Degree in Freemasonry, but that they have only completed the Third.

Early Annals.pdf — The facts concerning the introduction of the Capitular system into this country are a good deal obscure.

Keystone of Royal Arch Masonry.pdf — The keystone is that which gives strength and durability to the arch.

Masonic Charity.pdf — Are we doing enough to take care of our Masonic Companions?

Masonic Culture.pdf — Organisational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organisations.

Masonic Harmony.pdf — Harmony affects the overall health and welfare of a Masonic Body.

Robert’s Rules of Order.pdf — Our meetings are conducted by Robert’s Rules of Order however the Constitution of Grand Chapter and the chapter by-laws take precedence.

The Traditional Lecture.pdf — The Royal Arch degree has been given a lot of credit;