In 2007, the Grand Council authorized and initiated an ad-hoc committee, Chaired by R. Ex. Comp. Brian Bond to investigate the feasibility of adopting an E-Mail summons program. A few pilot Chapters were named as participants in the pilot program and members from each Chapter were asked to attend a special training seminar hosted in association with the Grand Lodge. These Chapters then implemented a program to distribute summons via e-mail following guidelines set out by the ad-hoc committee to a subset of their membership.

At the Grand Chapter Convocation in April 2008, the Grand Chapter officially adopted the E-Mail summons program and sanctioned any interested Chapter to also adopt the program, following results of the successful pilot of the previous year.

Why e-mail Summons?

The primary reason for the Grand Chapter to adopt this additional method of Summons Distribution is to provide an alternate, modern and less expensive method of summons delivery. In this day and age, the computer and e-mail are fast becoming a tool used by one and all for convenience to receive bills, make payments and generally stay connected with others around the world.
How does a Chapter get on board?

The Grand Lodge Computer Resources Committee holds seminars to educate interested Lodges (and now Royal Arch Chapters) on how to adopt the program. A responsible member is required to attend, or have already attended as part of his Lodge implementation, one of these seminars to collect material and knowledge needed to become part of this rapidly growing program. This seminar describes the rules and regulations, as well as gives the attendee an overview of the security and responsibility each Lodge (or Chapter) must bear and is a PREREQUISITE step to getting on board.

Upcoming Seminars:

All seminars will be posted on the events page of the Grand Chapter website. There are always a few seminars held at convenient times at the annual Grand Lodge Communication, and various other seminars held at various locations throughout the year. Please view the schedule on the events section of this website.