Historical Gems


In reviewing the historical Proceedings of our Grand Chapter we have found some interesting and sometimes thought-provoking articles, which we believe, are still relevant today.

Being somewhat surprised at how openly critical the Foreign Correspondence Reporters, like our own George Bennett, were in those early days, some of these articles may be found as ‘not politically correct’ in today’s world, but they are none-the-less our history.

This exercise has proven to be both educational and enjoyable and we gladly make this interesting material available to you, our member. In the meantime, we plan to further review the proceedings and continue in extracting more of what we call Historical Gems.

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Abolition of the Past Masters Degree.
Allowing all Companions to be present in private Chapter at the opening of the Chapter.
Appeal for better ritualistic work.
Capitular Masonry should not be merely a bridge to cross.
Care in selection of candidates.
Chapter degrees a mere qualification for some other rite.
Chapter Past Masters vs Provincial Lodge of Past Masters.
Chapter should be opened in order that a lodge of Mark Masters may be opened.
Character of the Membership.
Charity vaunteth not itself.
Cheap Freemasonry.
Compulsory Membership unmasonic.
Cryptic Degrees.
Dependent Membership an Innovation.
Dependent Membership an objectionable law.
Dependent Membership.
Description of Masonry.
Disposing of the Report on Correspondence.
Distinguishing Characteristics of a Mason.
Dry Continent.
Duty of epitomising the Capitular transactions.
Duty to the returned soldier.
Early History of the American Ritual.
Exclusion of undesirable members.
First visit of Grand First Principal to New York.
Foreign Chapter on Canadian territory.
General Grand Chapter mission and objects.
Grand Chapter of Canada title too comprehensive.
Grand Representative to Illinois appreciation of honour.
Grand Superintendents instruction.
Great deal more interested in laws than I am in anything else.
Haves and Have nots.
He who seeks all things.
History of Royal Arch degree S. Stacker Williams.
How shall we get the light out of the Chapter.
How we are to interpret some of the landmarks.
Internment is not a Masonic offence.
Ireland interdependent relation of the degrees.
Ireland the Royal Arch a more remote antiquity.
It requires two men and God to make a Royal Arch Mason.
Justification of the Correspondence Report.
King vs High Priest.
Labours of the Reviewer do not receive the attention they deserve.
Lack of interest shown by the younger members.
Law of physical perfection.
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
Masonic Benevolence and Charity.
Masonry stands for Peace not War.
Methods of instruction.
Moderate your speeches.
Names of three chief or presiding officers.
New South Wales lack of courtesy on the part of Scotland.
Non-payment of dues is not a Masonic crime.
Non Recognition of other than three Craft degrees.
Nothing more than a vehicle for the interchange among themselves of the views of the Correspondents.
Official inspection of Chapters.
Our ability so to stimulate the local Chapters.
Passing of the red man.
Passing the Chair an American Landmark.
Past Master Degree.
P. M. degree and its relation to the installation of a Master of a craft lodge.
Progressive Freemasonry.
Protection against clandestine or irregular Masons.
Rapid advance of the Master Mason.
Reduction in Fees.
Regular attendance is not a question of eternal salvation.
Relation of the General Grand Chapter to the several Grand Chapters.
Relations of Scotland with the young Grand Chapter of Western Australia.
Relegation of Z to second place in the United States system.
Remark that Webb was author and creator of the MEM degree.
Remodelling of the Royal Arch in the United States.
Report on Correspondence leaning to pessimism.
Royal Arch degree conferred solely upon actual Past Masters of lodges.
Scotland attitude with regard to budding Grand Chapters in the colonies.
Secrecy of the Investigating Committee.
Silently but with no little difficulty around the Capitular world.
Skin Face.
Spirit of apathy.
Suspending the letter G in the Tabernacle.
Tendency of some Chapters to work the degrees upon a large class of candidates.
Tendency to modernise Freemasonry.
The expression “Grand Chapter of Canada in the Province of Ontario”.
The Flag Ceremony.
The letter of Masonry is less important than the spirit.
The noblest service to God.
The physical qualification of a candidate.
The real genius of Masonry.
The secret of Service.
The seriousness of our obligation.
The Travelling Triangle a precious treasure.
The up to date progressive lawmaker in Masonry.
To the outside world.
Travelling Triangle temporary residence.
Ulterior motives of applicants.
Universal rule re exclusive jurisdiction.
Upholding the best traditions of British womanhood.
Value of report on Fraternal Correspondence.
What can be done during the refreshment hours to stimulate our desire for knowledge.
What is Masonry.
What makes the record of a mans life.
What real benefit does a person derive from devoting so much time to Freemasonry.
Whence come ye.