The Grand Chapter Charities have joined together for 2015 – 2016 to raise awareness and funding. The Grand Superintendents have been requested to spearhead leadership with their District Chapters in raising provincial awareness of Release-A-Miracle and Scholarship and Bursary support by:

(1) Selling of raffle tickets on a donated prize of a 19.3 kg. [42.5 lb.] Brazilian amethyst centrepiece named “Purple Dolphin” with an appraised value of five to seven thousand dollars.

(2) To hold a Chapter or District Chapters fundraiser through an event of their choice, i.e., b-b-q, golf tournament, walk-a-thon, etc.

Your committees look forward to your support in 2015 – 2016 of the Grand Chapter charities, being Medical Research [Release-A-Miracle] and Scholarship & Bursaries.

Thank you in advance; have a great year.

Medical Research Committee
R. Ex. Comp. J. R. Doug Wilson