The Mark Master Mason Degree

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Degree of Labour — When a Mason is advanced to the Mark Master Mason’s Degree, he is introduced to an experience entirely different to those he encountered in the three Craft degrees.

Make Your Mark — The Mark Master degree has in it very specific, practical advice on how a Mason should live and work.

Mark Master Mason History and Symbolism — The position of Mark Masonry within the broader Masonic Fraternity differs by jurisdiction.

MMM Degree – Charity — There is one characteristic of the Mark Master Mason degree which has a continuous thread throughout all of Freemasonry, and that is ‘charity”.

MMM Degree – Embarassment — This is the Mark Master Mason degree as it relates to the embarrassment of the candidate.

MMM DEGREE – Processions — In the Mark Master Mason degree the craftsmen perform two processions to receive wages at the apartment of the SW.