From left to right are  R.Ex.Comp. Paraag Suchak  – Grand Second Principal; M.Ex.Comp. George Alan Napper  – Grand First Principal; and R.Ex.Comp. George Brent Fairbairn – Grand Third Principal
Grand Second Principal – R.Ex. Comp. Paraag Suchak Grand First Principal – M. Ex. Comp. George Alan Napper Grand Third Principal – R. Ex. Comp. George Brent Fairbairn
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 1 2019gs01s R. Ex. Comp.Roger Martin
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 2 2019gs02s R. Ex. Comp.Derek Coniam
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 3 Merged with District 4
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 4 2019gs04s R. Ex. Comp.Frank King
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 5 2019gs05s R. Ex. Comp.Elito Lim
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 6 2019gs06s R. Ex. Comp.M Brock McCulloch
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 7 2019gs07s R. Ex. Comp.Larry H Stewart
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 8 2019gs08s R. Ex. Comp.Hugh Alexander Zimmerman
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 9 2019gs09 R. Ex. Comp.Terry Phillip Allan Taylor
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 10 2019gs10 R. Ex. Comp.Gerald James Newall
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 11 2019gs11s R. Ex. Comp.Richard Burden
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 12 2019gs12s R. Ex. Comp.Anthony G Kopf-Johnson
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 13 Merged with District 12
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 14 2019gs14s R. Ex. Comp.Roy Easton
Grand SuperintendentDistrict 15 2019gs15s R. Ex. Comp.William Patrick Boote
Grand Chaplain R.Ex.Comp. Gregory Smith
Grand Treasurer R.Ex.Comp. Clifford E White
Grand Scribe Ezra M.Ex.Comp. Richard James Jackson
Grand Scribe Ezra Emeritus R.Ex.Comp. Melvyn James Duke
Grand Scribe Nehemiah R.Ex.Comp. Mark Kristy
Grand Principal Sojourner R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Manning
Grand Registrar R.Ex.Comp. Walter Trafford
Grand Executive Committee

Elected 2019

R.Ex.Comp. Dushan Surovoy – R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Mortlock – R.Ex.Comp. Jeffrey Baker

Elected 2018

R.Ex.Comp. Dario Mancuso – R.Ex.Comp. Brian Aikins – R.Ex.Comp. Mark Wayne Kapitan

Elected 2017

R.Ex.Comp. Jeffrey Baker – R.Ex.Comp. Dushan Surovy – R.Ex.Comp. Thomas Albert Mortlock

Executive Committee Honourary 2018 (2 Years)R.Ex.Comp. David Edward Jacklin

Assistant Officers Appointed
Assistant Grand Chaplain V.Ex.Comp. Herbert Wesley Sainthill
Grand Lecturer V.Ex.Comp. George Puccia
Grand Senior Sojourner V.Ex.Comp. David Bruce Carscallen
Grand Junior Sojourner V.Ex.Comp. Earl Quackenbush
Grand Sword Bearer V.Ex.Comp. Russell Palin
Grand Master of the 4th Veil V.Ex.Comp. Vincent Martin McCurdy
Grand Master of the 3rd Veil V.Ex.Comp. Terry Douglas Zahorodney
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil V.Ex.Comp. Loannais Saraidaris
Grand Master of the 1st Veil V.Ex.Comp. David Israel Herzl Shemuel
Grand Standard Bearer V.Ex.Comp. Terry D Ronald
Grand Director of Ceremonies R.Ex.Comp. Ronald McClung
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies V.Ex.Comp. Timothy King
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies V.Ex.Comp. Michael Jenkyns
Grand Organist V.Ex.Comp. Kenneth Adamson
Grand Pursuivant V.Ex.Comp. Brian Gilkinson
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Terry Douglas Zahorodney
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Aurelio Piroochi
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Willi Cussler
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Owen Cameron Parsons
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Howard Palmer
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. George Dring
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. Albert Han
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. John (Ian) David Gray Deewar
Grand Steward V.Ex.Comp. John David Beno
Grand Outer Guard V.Ex.Comp. Eric Czarnecki
Grand Historian V.Ex.Comp. John Charles Schaeffer
Grand Archivist V.Ex.Comp John Fulton Sutherland