At Royal Arch Masons we have all pledged ourselves to proactive Charity, and our Fraternity is known for its generous donations to the community at large together, with our ability to generate support for particular Charitable Foundations.

Every Mason on his initiation learns the fundamental principles of the Masonry are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and he is consistently admonished to proactive Charity. The Million Dollar Club is a major promotion to endeavour to assist in reaching $1,000,000 which is required to ensure the Capital Investment will be self generating. Briefly this consists of Companions making a $100 donation to the Fund. For which, he will receive a certificate and a lapel pin and the satisfaction that he has given to a worthwhile medical endeavour.

Our Fund

Funding is provided mainly from three sources:

  • Investment income earned on the capital in the fund.
  • Personal contributions from the Companions of the Royal Arch Masonry.
  • Bequests from the Companions who have made a provision in their estate planning to contribute.

The medical research fund qualifies as a Charitable Trust under the Income Tax (Canada) Act and can issue tax receipts to anyone making a donation.


To make a donation to Royal Arch Masons please download our brochure here and submit the donation form with your payment.